Tuesday, November 13

Andrea Mitchell, Queen of Changing the Subject

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How many cocktail parties did she attend with Gen. and Mrs. Petraeus?

And God forbid you should talk about the extramarital sex lives of anyone else in her Rolodex.  

She really seems nervous.

Thanks for being you, Mrs. Greenspan.  The Village is proud.

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  1. If you're a friend of Andrea Mitchell, much less the respected lady herself, please read through to the end.

    ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

    So A.M., A.G.'s wife, gets credit on MSNBC for the scoop. (Wait! Alan Greenspan's wife? Wife of the Fed Chair who managed our nation's plummet toward economic disaster? Wife of Chairman "Supply Side" Milton Friedman's robo "supply side" disciple? Apparently so.)

    But, having grabbed the prize and made her victory lap holding aloft the potato of the Petraeus soap opera, she suddenly realizes that the potato is getting really, really hot. That it might burn her own hands. That it might indeed burn the bridges connecting her to her cocktail party "sources."


    It's really hard (I infer) to juggle journalistic integrity, amoral "access," power-leverage, etc. Nevertheless…

    Sorry, Andrea. You accept your role as a political hack? No problem. You presume to be a true journalist? Whole ‘nother story! In doing so, you're agreeing to be assessed by a much more rigorous standard.

    As a hack, Ms. Mitchell? You're about average. As a journalist? Give us a break! You know perfectly well you aren't qualified to play in that league. Don't embarrass us all by melting down on national TV.

    You're "connected," Ms. Mitchell. That gives you power. However, if you allow your name to be attached to the "outing" of political scandals, then you'd better be prepared defend your name. You'd better be prepared for a fight to professional death.

    I've read, heard, and watched your work over a number of years, Ms. Mitchell. And I've never, ever been able to picture you as a "warrior princess." This isn't your proper role. This isn't who or what you are.

    Yes, you're good within your comfort zone. Beyond that…? Don't attempt to be what you never could be. Just accept a role as the "unacknowledged source" who passes along your scoops to those who are prepared by intellect, personality, and training for moral, emotional, tough-hided political combat.

    I won't diss you as a person, Ms. Mitchell. Honestly, you seem like a nice person. But I will diss your performance in the role you've taken on. "Know thyself," the inscription on Delphi admonishes. A lot of ways to interpret that. But by any of those ways, you've overreached yourself.

    Accept the role of solicitor, Ms. Mitchell. And partner yourself with a barrister with whom you'll be comfortable, whom you'll see as a partner and complement, and whom you'll trust successfully to make your case in the public forum.

    Don't embarrass yourself and everyone else. Please. For your sake as well as ours.


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