Monday, November 5

Testing a new podcast player. What do YOU think?

Stitcher Radio is now providing the player above for their content providers. If anyone has an opinion about this one as opposed to our Buzzsprout embedded player, feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks!


  1. Which do you prefer? Six? or a Half-Dozen? You guys offer several options. What are the (putative?) pros/cons?

    Seriously, Fran. With my bandwidth and my wax-impacted ears, I can't perceive any difference.

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Andrew, disbelievingly: "But you don't know what Mitt Romney's gonna be!"

    Nicole, giddily: "We know he's gonna be white!!!"


    ...and I couldn't discern a difference in the players either, even though I listened all the way through a second time. That gave your excellent content another chance to sink in, for which I thank you!

  3. The one concern I have is a downloadable mp3. Generally, satellite internet sucks but I have had luck with downloads.

    Regardless, keep up the good work!

  4. StonyPillow5:03 AM

    The widget isn't loading correctly on my machine (Win7, IE9). Hope you don't drop the download option.

  5. Excellent point, guys. I'll make sure we don't lose the download option. Thanks!

  6. The player doesn't work for me (Linux/Firefox 16.0.2).

  7. The audio sounds fine. The functionality for both seems fine - my main concern for all players is being able to pause, click an earlier spot, and play (some players do not allow rewinding of any sort). The download and Like features might help you. (Looking at this in Safari.)

  8. Hi Fran,
    Happy post-election bliss. Hope you and the fam are doing well. Holy shit, how about that election? Wow. I'm still reeling. I said to someone an hour after Obama hit 270 electoral votes that I still had not processed the enormity of what just happened. It's really mind boggling how much was at stake. Someone ought to just write out a list of all the massively consequential fates that were avoided or made possible by Tuesday's decision. It's two days later and I'm still reeling; still unable to grasp how important this was to -- let's be honest -- the entire planet. Having the most powerful country on earth controlled by deranged teabagger types with a lust for war and a hatred for almost everyone on earth besides themselves would have been a decidely bad thing for just about every living person on this planet. (Including the wingnuts and lunatics of the GOP themselves! Little do they know.)

    Forgive me; I'm rambling. I was just going to answer your question about the podcast player. I like it. It's better than the other for two reasons:

    (1) It has the social media sharing options in a visible, accessible location, making it easier for people to share each episode.

    (2) It includes your brand logo, which the marketing department reports is good for your enterprise.

    And an important enterprise it is; we are so lucky to have you and DG doing the show every week. Between you and our two-term Democratic President, the skinny kid with the funny name, there just might be hope for this country after all.

    Oh, and one last thing: you were right. You were right all those podcasts when you dared to confidently predict he would be re-elected. I honestly couldn't make myself believe it until after even Karl Rove stopped raving about Ohio on Fox News.

  9. Oh, and the new podcast player is also better because it includes the name of the episode. The old player doesn't even do that! ;-)

  10. Anonymous12:59 PM

    No volume control...

    As much as I love you two, I'd rather not have you shouting in my ears. And, yes, I can control my PC volume, but at work, I have to listen for email notifications.


  11. I'd like it be embed-able so I can plug it into a post on my blog.

    I realize this may cost you in some way, so I understand if that's just not something you wanna do. I just want a good way to spread the podcast around.

    (It's sounding really good, btw)

  12. It's not working on my windows 7 IE9 machine either. but works just fine with Google Chrome.

  13. Sound is noticeably better on old player.
    Linux - Google Chrome


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