Monday, November 5

Why you should always wait for Election Week to fill up the Hummer

From this here blog November 4, 2008:

Dear Oil Companies: Faaahk You.

According to the Energy Department's weekly survey of filling stations, the average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline dropped 25.6 cents nationally to $2.40 over the past week, the lowest since gasoline sold for $2.37 a gallon Nov. 6, 2006.

Notice anything about that 2006 date?

No one in the media or the industry better open their pieholes and tell me it's a coincidence that the lowest gas prices for two election years running is the week of the election. Don't tell me Exxon-Mobil doesn't have a rule about that. I won't believe you and I don't care to.

Panties image above from my post on the same damn subject from late September, 2006. Having a four year old blog means loving the archive feature.


Fast forward to today.  And guess what I see on my news stream?

Gasoline prices post biggest fall in nearly 4 years: survey

The average U.S. price for a gallon of regular gasoline took its biggest drop since 2008 in the past two weeks, due to lower crude oil prices, a big price drop in pump prices in California and Hurricane Sandy, according to a widely followed survey released on Sunday. 

Honestly, let's scrape up reasons why prices drop that have nothing to do with the election. Gas prices are always, always, at their lowest point of the year election week. Oil companies, price fixing, end of story.


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    hi BG, it appears your 'Faaa* you' link is not working, am getting the message "article not found".

    And on that topic may I mention that the SJ Merc's web site is one of the most ad-infested news sites I've ever visited, with its incredibly intrusive, pop-up/pop-ins/mouse-over laden ads & general interruptions and obstacles to actually letting the reader READING THEIR D##N ARTICLES. Despite it being my local newspaper's site I avoid it like the plague. (But since you had posted the link I had to try anyway..)

    (Furthermore, and to illustrate my point - although the link posted didn't work, by God the pop up ad still came up! Even with my browser set for popups blocked. F U, Merc..)

    Otherwise thanks for posting & congrat's on your blogiversary!! Keep up the great work. (And p.s. haven't tried the new p'cast widget as I'm an iTuner..)

    Mike from CA

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    You know, I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that Exxon et. al. spin the price-dial as it suits them; an A-rab farts and the price goes through the roof in minutes, then something happens which ought to bring prices down and... *crickets*...

    What surprises me, though, is that the price went DOWN when people are either going to stay with the Kenyan or vote for a change. Why would Exxon want us to be satisfied with the direction things are "moving?" Could it be that they know Mittens is a disaster, even for them?

  3. Anonymous9:50 PM

    You took the words right outa my mouth. What's a pisser is that it never draws the attention it should. I guess we're too focused on blacks, or gay marriage or, well whatever. Collusion much? Oh, yeah.


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