Saturday, January 1

Sell your stock in Home Depot, folks

It's one thing to give money to elect him, another to give BIG bucks to inaugurate him.

The inaugural hit parade is here.

The Counter Inaugural is on.
Turn Your Back on Bush



  1. I'm blue...over how each 50% of the population is filled with hate at the other half. I am red ...with embarassment at americans who think the answer is in politics and not in how we each treat each other.

  2. I thought when I began this blog that I could play nice. But Abu Gharib, Passaic County Jail, all this talk of "the enemy" and "the evildoers"...this administration is fascist, plain and simple. There is no peace with such wrongdoing. Why can't we all get along? Because 51% of us are either consciously bad or just not paying attention.


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