Friday, April 29



"Okay boys, I've got my Daisy Duke's riding my crotch, since that's the universal signal for "female looking for love" but ooh, I must peek through the blinds while pointing my ass to the camera to signify my hope that there's no felons or marrieds answering my ad." They can screen for felons and marrieds but somehow forgot to screen their ad agency for intelligence.

And whenever she is tempted to feel jealous at the beautiful young bodies of this world, Blue Gal reminds herself that she has degrees from places this girl can't spell.


  1. Blue gal, I think you know my tastes so far as females are concerned.

    I like the smart gals, even those potentially with criminal records.

  2. oooh! they're going for that lack of intelligence dollar. That's a huge market, look at our research!


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