Tuesday, April 5

Confrontations and delay, er, deLay

Blue Gal had a confrontation with a co-worker over the whole Schiavo thang, and it just ticked her off until the co-worker said Fox News was a "balancer" with _all_ the other news media. Then Blue Gal noticed co-worker's skull was empty, and she stopped being mad all of a sudden. Hmm.

The Raisin has the privilege of not associating with many skull empties. One of his associates recently emailed him:
I tend to agree with you that any announced effort by DeLay or others to curb court jurisdiction, or to reallocate between state courts and the feds, will not get off the ground... And there may be another reason. Even DeLay has to realize that any in-depth discussion of the judicial function -- on cable, in the papers, or in other forums -- is likely over time to educate the American public about the legitimate role of the courts, in both common law and constitutional adjudication, and eventually would reveal the ad hoc lunacy of what Frist and others (including some Dems) tried to pull off recently. I may be naive in my belief that the marketplace of ideas, when dealing with accurate information and composed of more that sound bites and shouting, ultimately generates good sense in the American people. I question whether DeLay would want to take that risk. I think you're right; he and others will ratchet up the demagoguery of judicial selection so that they can throw around accusations about judicial activism, without generating careful inspection of who the real activists were this last time around: certainly not the judges!
Blue Gal does not think Raisin's friend is naive at all. It may take decades, but we cannot be outFoxed forever. And we activists are not sitting on our skulls (or in front of our televisions) while we are watching for the long cold night of shame that awaits our nation.


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    "It may take decades, but we cannot be outFoxed forever."

    Sure we can. Even if one believes that Leave No child Behind can succeed, the goals of the program are the "3 R's". And if all of our education system's efforts go into making sure kids pass those tests, the development of independent rational thought in our children will be history (which they're not going to be teaching much).

    We are being dumbed down, Fran.


  2. We have to make sure we are not OUTFOXED FOREVER! Just as the Red zone has put alot of effort into radio talk shows that promote thier agenda, we also need to make more effort and not depend on people to see the light "eventually". I am a very down the center person and I like hearing from all sides but this administration has made some calls I would think would be almost impossible to defend! yet here they are making plans for 2008. I think they have used ignorance to promote thier agenda and the scales are shifting in thier favour.


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