Tuesday, April 19

Sorry, I like my Catholicism over easy.

Blue Gal was feeling pretty good when she got an email (fer real) from her buddy Michael Moore, ya know, just checking on me and wondering what his next step should be (fer real). The text of his email is as follows


How's it going? Ready for the next step?

Let me know what you've been up to and any ideas you have about what our next move should be (write me at the addresses below).

Meanwhile, I'll be in conclave this week handing out goodie bags and running for pope. Wish me well!


Michael Moore

Oh Mike honey, what happened? Fahrenheit 9-11 condoms in the goodie bags? What were you thinking?

Blue Gal was so hoping for a laid back church, ya know, follow up John Paul with a finger snappin' Pope George Ringo, with sidebets on Pope Giblets.

But this! Benedict the Sixteenth and he's like, from something outta Hogan's Heroes? A friendly Nazi? Bavarian? and um, stricter than Sister Mary Queen of Hearts back at Our Lady of Perpetual Brainwashing? Off with their heads theology?

Sweet Jesus. And ya know Blue Gal means that literally.

Jesus loves the little children


  1. I'm more concerned about the message the Catholic Church decided to convey by having Cardinal Bernard F-ing Law say a mass for the dead one.

    Something about all sins being forgiven, d'ya think? Or something about children being fair game for pedophiles?

  2. Blue Gal was in Boston when Bernie was elevated to Cardinal. He came home from Rome, no lie, waved his ring in the air like a ballerina, then left to go see his mother, tood-a-loo! Blue Gal had some misgivings at the time, but hey, she's not Catholic. In 20/20 hindsight, the Pope shoulda asked a few more questions...I wish Jon Stewart of the Daily Show would show a video of this.

  3. You know, Blue Gal, an elderly gentleman friend of mine (also a Unitarian Universalist), informed me that this whole paedophilia problem is not new.

    He was in a Catholic boys school in the '30s and one of the unwritten rules about the place was...

    "Don't tell Father Timothy you're sick, or he'll want to give you a physical."

    So, yeah...I daresay St. Paedophilia's Institute for the Repressed Homosexual has been a problem all the way back to Paul...who I believe was as repressed a soul as can be.

    John Shelby Spong, Episocopalian Bishop, agrees with me.


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