Saturday, August 20

Four more years? Uh, look again at your Barbie dream watch...


Blue Gal just loooves The New York Times. Maureen Dowd (goddess) on August 20:

...You know you're in trouble when Henry Kissinger gives you advice on how to exit a war....

Domestic support [for the war] is waning because the president remains too stubbornly ensconced in his fantasy world - it's worse than Barbie in her dream house - to reassure Americans that he has a plan to get out.

As we approach the 2,000 mark of coffins coming home that we're not allowed to see, it doesn't even look like a war. It looks like a lot of kids being blown to smithereens by an invisible enemy.

And this just in from the AP: The Army is planning for four more years in Iraq. Uh, memo to Barbie in her dream house: YOU haven't got four more years. The clock is ticking on my sidebar, honey.


  1. "It looks like a lot of kids being blown to smithereens by an invisible enemy."

    Boy you lefties LOVE to play the "children" card don't you... guess what, by that logic I could refer to your grandma as a child since "technically she WAS one at one point in her life".

    These are not KIDS, they're adults in the eyes of the law, they made a concious decision to join the military and they knew the risks they were taking. They were not drafted and they were not FORCED to die.

    Portraying them as children and kids, doesn't make it any better for your cause.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, the raisin agrees with you--he's also a libertarian, for what it's worth--and he calls the troops hired killers and says they're just getting their just desserts for joining the military. It's true, they were not drafted. But they were lied to, more than once. The WMD's are not there folks, and that was the whole justification for this war. The whole army feels that backdoor draft, too, and the wind is just gonna get worse.


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