Tuesday, August 23

Pat Robertson, you make me wee my panties!

kill the bastards!

You may not know it, but Blue Gal is a believing Christian. I love that sermon on the mount shit. Really. This from Wilkipedia:

Probably the best-known portion is the Beatitudes, found at the beginning of the section. It also contains the Lord's Prayer and the injunctions to "resist not evil" and "turn the other cheek", as well as Jesus's version of the Golden Rule. Other lines often quoted are the references to "salt of the Earth" "light of the world," and "judge not, lest ye be judged." Many Christians believe that the Sermon on the Mount is a form of commentary (midrash) on the Ten Commandments.To many the Sermon on the Mount contains the central tenets of Christian discipleship, and is considered as such by many religious and moral thinkers, such as Tolstoy and Gandhi.

So Pat Robertson wants the US to assassinate the President of Venezuela. He said so on television. Blue Gal is not making this up. IN FACT, Blue Gal can't stop laughing. Pat Robertson, when was the last time you read your New Testament, huh?

Oh, and to those who don't want us lefties to play the children card, (see comments to previous posts) once again Martian Anthropologist makes interesting reading today, tho' not for the faint of heart.

Some have claimed that the blogosphere just allows all of us to read those who agree with our own views. Look, Blue Gal is linking to Aljazeera.net and showing a picture of Pat Robertson's new world order book!

One more thing: let's all Google "Downing Street Memo" and "Valerie Plame" just for old time's sake.


  1. Ooh goody:
    "Angry neo-leftism" in South and Central America again!
    It *is* the '70s all over again!

    Time to whip out my 'Sandinista' poster!)

  2. Thanks for the link. Again! Hope you are having a great night. :)

  3. Check out today's Borowitz Report:

    Televangelist Breaks Second Commandment in Two Days

  4. I believe the Lord created me in one day!

    Well, looks like he rushed it, Pat.


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