Wednesday, December 9

One more updated propaganda poster

Original at the same source as the Stupak below...


  1. I really hate to be the one interjecting facts into this silliness, but doesn't anyone remember the FBI's statement that they never found any evidence to link Osama bin Ladin to the events of 9/11?

    Or am I dreaming, Shiva has danced the end-of-the-world jig and we've started over again - afresh?

    Brand new.

    Clean slate.

    With no memories of the past.


    (just sayin')

  2. I sort of got into this in my "Al Qaeda is not that powerful" post. He was alleged to have taken credit, but that could have just been a bunch of blokes sitting about having a laugh.

    As far as I know its only been attributed to Bin Laden by various evidence.


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