Monday, March 28

Artist's Notebook: Remembering National Lampoon

One of my favorite memories from childhood was peeking at my parent's National Lampoon Magazines.  I remember my dad laughing over "Mrs. Agnew's Diary," from which my own "Mrs. Gingrich's Diary" is flat out stolen.  I was thinking about NatLamp this weekend while hanging out with a fellow artist.

"Oh my god, I just had an awful awful thought," I said, laughing.

"What?" he said.

I put my hand to my heart.  "Oh no, you'll think less of me."

"Oh goody."  He said.

"Okay.  Do you recollect that National Lampoon cover, 'buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog?' "

"I think so."

I continued.  "Okay, I admit this is just awful. What if it was The National Review and Katherine Jean Lopez was on the cover?"

He smiled.  "I love you."

"Yeah, but you can't call a woman a dog.  You just can't."

wimmin r not dogs  u fail feminzm 101

I kept thinking out loud..."plus, there's the whole gun thing.  You can't show a woman or any human, actually,  with a gun.  Not anymore."

He was, as usual, supportive.  "You'll play with Photoshop and think of something."


  1. This is a shakedown.

    So, where do I send the money?

  2. Oh god, I'll pay whatever you want!

  3. That works. Hey, was she really wearing that spotty shirt or did you photoshop that?

  4. You can take a still of her at any point in this video and it's comedy gold. She's attacking feminists for not defending Carrie Prejean -- Bonus!


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