Thursday, August 18

Getting a marriage license at the courthouse.

You know, I think the bride has had a little done.

Trust me, it was the glittered feather extensions actually glued to my neck that were the most trouble.  

And then we wonder which judge will marry us tomorrow, and DG starts riffing on a FOX bridezilla / courtroom reality show, "Michele Bachmann - Family Court." 

Judge Bachmann presiding....

"Are you here for a happy marriage or a sinful, sinful, civil union?" 

"Balliff Marcus, discipline these barbarians!"

This week's podcast is in the can, the ceremony is tomorrow, and we're gonna try to have audio up sometime over the weekend.  Thanks for all the kind wishes, folks. You're the best....


  1. Congrats, again!

    You two are the best!!!!!

    Much love and light to all,


  2. mazeltov, you crazy kids! wish we were all there to throw rice.

  3. Dibs on the garter belt.



  4. Congratulations, Blue Gal and Driftglass! May you have a long, happy life together!

  5. Superawesomeness! I never thought about the feathers on the neck when I got married, you do have the best ideas!

    Happiness, mazel tov and love!!!

  6. Mazel tov. All the best!

  7. congrats! to two of the best! i am so happy for you guys

  8. Cheers to a Happily Ever After *clink*.

    *Wow! 3 Frans have converged here. Must have some high & sacred meaning. I'll have to get back to you on that!

  9. May you two have a long and happy togetherness, and blog blog blog, photoshop photoshop photoshop. I don't know this guy Driftglass but you Bluegal are the best!


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