Monday, August 8

Wedding notes: My "Something Blue"

My sister-in-law to-be is a knitter the way Van Gogh was a painter.   And yeah, the way Driftglass is a photoshopper.

She made me this scarf out of yarn I gave her.  I have to admit I de-stashed the yarn because I thought it was kind of boring.  I hate being proven utterly wrong, except when I get something so lovely and so surprising and so perfect.    

And now I have my something blue for the wedding.  It's goooorgeous.  

Thanks and much love, Sis!  xoxo


  1. Ooooooh so pretty! That was made by hand????

  2. Yes, hand knit. It's amazing.

  3. That's totally gorgeous, and will look beautiful on you (and vice versa!)

  4. Wow. WOW. awesome. did she use a pattern? what gauge needles did she use? crochet or knit? That's just amazing.

  5. Here is the pattern!

    She knit it on size four needles. I think the yarn is rayon/cotton given how she says it washed up and how drapey it is.

  6. I wish I knew how to knit. I recently moved and I am a block away from the Etsy headquarters and they have Craft Mondays. Guess that will be on the short list. But I'll go in knowing I will never be able to make something that fabulous. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.


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