Monday, August 1

A reader asks BG about the Debt Ceiling Deal

Reader C. writes:

Hey Driftglass & Bluegal. I really enjoy listening to your podcast every week. In the next couple of days I will be donating to your podcast cause so the shows keeps coming. I was just wondering how you felt about this debt ceiling fiasco. Will the American people understand the dilemma President Obama has been put in with this tea party faction in the House? With this media environment I am not sure if the blame will be properly placed. I realize that he is known for being the 'compromiser in chief' but I'm not sure if he had a way out of this mess. Any thoughts?

Dear C:

I'm sure we'll be talking about this this coming week and of course we were talking about it this weekend -- we agree that if Obama wasn't such a process guy -- if he'd said "negotiate around the debt ceiling, are you kidding? No, pass a clean bill and THEN we'll talk" -- he would have had a stronger position.

He still thinks* of himself as Google plus's Senator plus one, instead of the President. Collegiality may be his secret to "changing Washington," but the Tea Party's secret is a bottle of gasoline and a match. We can all see how this is working out for him.


Fran / BG

*My disappointment is, I'm finally coming to the conclusion he's not going to change in the second term.


  1. Fran, I adore you. That is all. :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. I've just posted my first 2012 election message on Yikes. Like you, I don't hold out much hope for "change."

  3. I think in his second term[if he gets that]he will hold the line much better because he can't run again.


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