Saturday, July 30

It's a really wonderful day, after all.

In addition to the great news above, The Professional Left Podcast was mentioned glowingly on The Hal Sparks Radio Program this morning.

And Driftglass got a (nother) link at Vanity Fair by James Wolcott.

I'm beginning to think his laptop is bugged, because not only has Paul Krugman been channeling The Tall One lately, but the thing with Lawrence O'Donnell banning Walsh was straight outta driftglass.blogspot. only a few days ago.

As DG said as we ate barbeque and slaw on pancake sandwiches (actually good) "Oh, it's going to be THAT kind of Saturday."

Congratulations honey. xoxo


  1. Congratulations to both of you!

    Barbeque and slaw on pancakes... Southern Fusion Cuisine, breakfast-style.

  2. Why hasn't driftglass done Sam Seders radio show?

  3. Kaye I hope you're asking SAM SEDER that question! We met him at Netroots Nation and he's very nice.

  4. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Well earned kudos, folks. Kiss that guy for me.


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