Saturday, July 16

Happy Birthday to me and all my fellow July Birthday Buddies

Orly always thinks you're saying "birther day" because it's always about HER. :D

A great many bloggers and former bloggers have birthdays in July. This is the birthday of yours truly, who shares a bday with her sainted mother.

Happy Birthday, Mom, and a very happy birthday to all my July birthday friends. This is the last weekend before kids start returning from their summer travels.


  1. You also share a birthday with Saint Clare of Assisi. She's in good company. Pace e bene!

    Congratulations, BG -- old enough to know better, and obviously still too young to care.

  2. OH MY!!

    A very Happy Birthday to you Blue Gal.

  3. Happy Birthday, Blue gal! And many more to you and Driftglass.

  4. Happy birthday, Blue Gal and Blue Mom!

  5. party on Blue Gal, party on.....


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