Thursday, July 28

Tonight's conversation with my wedding planner, age 9.

The 9 year old wants to look at wedding cupcakes on my computer.

Me:  I can't deal with details right now.  I know, I know, I'm getting married in 22 days.

9 yo, deadpan, and without missing a beat:  What?  You haven't hired the ORCHESTRA yet?

Tomorrow morning I'll break it to her that we're counting on HER and HER ALONE to put together a Full Tilt Bollywood Wedding Extravaganza with a "budget" of "zero."

And yes, the entire wedding party is singing "Ya Ya Ya We're Obama-Bots" at around the one minute mark.


  1. You crack me up--Full Tilt Bollywood Wedding Extravaganza with a "budget" of "zero."

    Well, to quote the Beatles-- Love is all you need.

  2. Good morning, Ms. Gal.

    Out of curiosity, do you have an Obamabot graphic yet? Perhaps one of those Austin Power Fembots with the gun-nipples?

    Or if that doesn't work, I'm sure Mr. Glass can rattle off a list of every robot from every work of fiction alphabetical order.

  3. A sari is the most flattering wedding dress known to man (or woman, for that matter). If you can find a way to bump your budget up slightly from the zero mark, there are a lot of gently used saris available on Devon. Try $25 and up?

    My daughter has been in attendance at a couple of Hindi weddings, and she grabbed a sari on Devon for each occasion. If you're interested, Little Miss Pillow will be giving me the names of a couple of places to check out when she gets home from work tonight.

  4. Thanks Stony, I got myself a white sundress for under 25 bucks including shipping. Love saris though and I've window shopped on Devon. Heavenly.

  5. If you want- I'll send you some pictures from a real Indian wedding- dinner for 1200, first the table cloth (paper), then the banana leaf, then the water to wash leaf, then the rice, curry, chutney, (repeat) all dumped on said banana leaf, and eaten enthusiastically with fingers. Scoop men working diligently with buckets of rice and curry to keep up with the guests. No dancing- off tune band, lots of pictures.


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