Friday, July 1

Our Weekly Podcast - The Professional Left

This episode was recorded before Mark Halperin said "dick." Would that a media millionaire could be suspended for being a right-wing hack disguised (badly) as a political expert (and, unBUHlieveably, a centrist), rather than for broadcasting a synonym for peenee on a Thursday.

Links for this episode:

Scott Simon’s “Windy City”

Romney’s "unemployment" ad problem.

FOX NEWS.Com calls for higher corporate taxes. (Turns out Sally Kohn is their token progressive. Still, it’s a very good article and surprising location for it.)

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  1. It will be interesting/scary to watch the Bachmann make-over. I've noticed that she often listens (or whatever she's doin' when it's Hannity's turn to speak) with her mouth frozen open. Will Rollins pick up on that and coach her to use the nose for breathing?

  2. Bachmann is truly terrifying, a female version of the politician in Stephen King's "The Dead Zone." Can you imagine Bachmann as president, hand on the nukes, finally able to bring about the end of days these loonies so desperately want? People think she is comic relief, but this is not funny, it's playing with fire.


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