Tuesday, July 12

Scratch My Belly, Boehner!!!


  1. Good morning, Blue Gal.

    Actually, I've been reminded by all this of the pigs from Animal Farm, demanding that "everybody" eat less food...except, of course, the pigs, who've started eating more than ever before.

  2. Blue Gal,

    Happy Birthday on Saturday!!

    Hey, I love you and Driftglass, and I listen to your podcasts, like them, but find your direction to be too overly focused on people who are disappointed with Obama.

    But hey, you act like a primary is a problem, I disagree with that, I do not see what it hurts. This is unlikely however, Obama will win.

    But you act like the group I belong to, the people who feel betrayed by him. He said one thing, and did another. He epitomizes the tie between corporate owning control of the government.

    My concern is that you two seem to think this can be fixed within the system. But I do not think voting is all that important anymore. I heard Matt Stoller recently, and I found that I agree with him, the bad guys won between 1998 and 2003, and all of the things that happened since then, including Obama's election are just cementing that win over the people, and now it seems to me that corporate control of the US government is complete.

    Bummer, but until we address the "rule of law" and reinstate civil liberites, I am not on the same page as you two, I understand where you are coming from, you still think there is something to be saved in the Democratic Party, but I just do not see it.

    But I will not vote for a repuke, I just do not see what voting for Obama will do to help. I may be persuaded differently if Obama had not himself put Social Security and Medicare on the table, but he has, and whatever you two say, Democrats are willing to throw "we the people" under the bus, just not quite as quickly as repukes.

    So I think sitting out the presidential is my only choice, a third party vote does nothing really, and like I said. I won't vote for repukes.

    But I feel like a vote for Obama is like just walking up to the school bullies and giving them my money. Until the Democrats stand on basic principle, they will never get a dime from me again.

    My concern over the last podcast is that you two seem to be saying us folk who feel so betrayed that we do not see ourselves voting for Obama should just go away, and quit discussion with other progressives? Is that what you really mean?




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