Monday, July 25

What I wrote to Congressman Shimkus

You and your party will be blamed as hostage takers are blamed if you don't behave responsibly on the debt ceiling. I am sure you have had to work with the tea party freshmen but everyone that is drinking their poison will pay a price. I feel sorry for run-of-the-mill Republicans like you, who just want to keep your seats in Congress, but I feel more sorry for those of us living off of Social Security who feel insecure about their benefit because of the irresponsible posturing of people in YOUR party. I can't say anything that will change you or your party but I can hope that your influence, and particularly the influence of the mob to the right of you, is fleeting.

You can write to your congressman via Have your zip code + 4 ready.


  1. Good letter. My Congressman DeFazio has always wielded the *Approved* stamp whenever it comes to war funding (support the troops!)....
    So now after 10 long years & $14 trillion in debt, he grandstands & says stop funding the wars.
    Now that the economy has not just gone on the ditch, but over the cliff, in a free fall tumble. NOW he wants to stop funding the useless wars???

    In general I hear words like *furious* about the whole Federal gvmnt situation. People ARE JUST SICK OF THE BULLSHIT. Seemed to have reached a peak of breaking the tolerance level.

    Corporations are people. Corporate money is free speech. Subsidies for the richest companies in the world (big oil).
    Taxing the rich is sacrosanct-- even when the country is on the brink of financial ruin.
    Money for war.

    Cut medicare, & Social Security.
    "We" have to sacrifice.

    It is such an anti humane & irresponsible philosophy, how do they sleep @ night???

    While Kennedy once made the statement "Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country".... is more of a historic relic.

    The new motto is "Ask nothing of the rich, go take it from the poor, the sick, elderly & middle class."

    Worse is I don't see any leadership at the top either. Just circus clowns of the Gingrich, Bachmann, Romney freak show, and the other choice seems to have some serious backbone issues himself.

    Nothing worse than being thrown under the bus & at the same time being asked to Donate to the campaign fund.


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