Wednesday, July 20

God is not mocked; Allen West is no lady, but....

Allen West. Allen West? Really?

I can't figure out what the plan is over there on the Republican side. I expect, neither can they. As Sarah Palin once said..."veeery scary."


  1. It's Beyond Crazy. Allen West is a dishonorable man who accepted a Non-Judical Punishment (NJP) and retired. Accepting an NJP is a move a guilty person makes, Teabaggers don't know this because 99% of them haven't served a day in uniform. Also the fact Bush was in office when his Court Martial began stops them from jumpin' on the democrats hate the military.

    But, back on point...

    West is encouraged to say the most inflammatory rhetoric because of his conservative bona fides and the Right will defend him no matter what because after all he's merely attacking A-Rabs (they're all terrorists after all) and Democrats (they hate America and love A-Rabs)...

  2. The Koch Bottle is a nice touch!


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