Friday, July 22

It is the official position of this blog that Jesus Loves Manatees.

And I don't care what Edna at the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots group says:

....teabaggers are crying about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's intent to place restrictions against boating and other things near the city of Crystal River -- and now they're trying to get all Florida Tea Partiers to ask congress to block the wildlife service, according to the St. Petersburg Times.
And why would they be trying to do this? Because protecting animals like manatees is against the Bible and the Bill of Rights, according to one Tea Party leader.
"We cannot elevate nature above people," Citrus County Tea Party Patriots leader Edna Mattos told the paper. "That's against the Bible and the Bill of Rights."

This newspaper story might be telling the story with a bit of mocking editorializing, but it's still media fail. We need a new rule, Bill Maher:

Just because someone belongs to a tea party group, does not mean they deserve to be automatically quoted in any media outlet, particularly if what they say is akin to the rantings of a street drunk standing in his own urine and shouting at a parking meter.

In more benevolent days, Edna might have been given some sort of place in a mental facility where she could imagine The Bible and Bill of Rights elevating her species above those more endangered than herself. As it is, she's in the Tea Party, so what she says is news.

P.S. Richard Porter you are not being nice to crazy people. Here's a link for ya. ;D


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    The thing that gets to me when the right-wingers start screaming about "You're giving animals more rights than people": It's almost always a case of weighing human convenience or amusement against the animals' survival.

  2. You may not recall me, Blue Gal, but I figured greatly in The Captain's future/past at one point in Her time. She sends Her Greatest Regards & Love.

    I do adore manatees...

  3. Well, he wouldn't be much of a deity if he didn't!

  4. God works in mysterious ways....

  5. I am hoping that god will call upon a talking Manatee to vie for the Rethuglican nomination. It would be a step up from those "called" so far.

  6. Who, in their right mind, would ever not want to protect manatees against getting chopped up by boat propellers? How low and despicable could you be?


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