Tuesday, August 2

A proposal on the Bush Tax Cut Thingie

Last night Lawrence pointed out the enormous fail that faces the White House re the Bush Tax Cuts.  He has to be willing to raise taxes on the bottom -- 10% rate to 15% rate, in order to raise the rate on the top earners to 35%.   Lawrence claims there will be no bill to just raise taxes on millionaires.

I suggest letting the whole thing rise.  Go ahead, RAISE MY TAXES.

Don't make any changes to any taxes until the Bush Tax Cuts expire, period.

Then if the Republicans scream, and they will, introduce (drumroll)

THE OBAMA TAX CUTS!!!   Full of nutritious pro-middle-class warfare!  Under $250,000!  Healthy and Tasty!

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And let the Republicans vote against them. 

[photoshopped from the box of cereal designed by workers in Battle Creek, Michigan, for the President and Vice-President.]


  1. The right is campaigning that to let the Bush tax cuts expire is "raising taxes."

    And, so far, they're winning.

    Something new must be added in order to turn this train to destruction around.

    My guess is the real "democratic" party: progressives/liberals who finally explain what they are for and why until it gets across to those on the bottom.

    And, yes, it will take some time.

    But what else do we have (as the country slides into the Deeper Depression)?

  2. 1984 speak abounds. Just keep the teabaggers running around, waving their flags and they'll never know what hit them. Then blame it on the Preznit.

  3. 1984 speak abounds. The Repubs will let the teabaggers run around waving their flags, that way they won't know what's coming until they get the bill. Then they can blame it on the Preznit's debt deal. I believe in paying my taxes, can't understand where these people think the money will come from to run the country.

  4. I heard today that the President is proposing a new tax cut deal now just on the underlings, which I belive is a setup to let the bush tax cuts expire for all. Sort of a pre-emptive measure where the middles get some extra relief until the btc expire. I like it! Then there's no problem letting them ALL expire. I'm with you that he should let them all expire regardless.

  5. I have no reservations about paying [more] taxes, only about how that money is spent/reallocated. If it goes toward corporate welfare or second yachts, I tend to get foul-mouthed and vituperative.

    Just sayin'. ;)

  6. One minor problem. Letting them ALL expire really WILL throw us into recession, again. It's the equivalent of making drastic spending cuts in that it satisfies an ideological argument, but ignores the real life consequences. There's a reason the tax cuts for the wealthy were tied to lower income cuts and it had nothing to do with fairness. It may seem reasonable to suggest the tax increase didn't hurt the economy in the 90's, so it won't be a problem today, but the advantage Clinton had was the growth in GDP and consumer confidence indexes weren't nearly as fragile. There also was strength in Europe's economy. The housing market wasn't restricted by a recent mortgage crisis, either. We are really in a different world at this point. Raising the lower income tax rates by as much as 50% would definitely have a serious impact on consumer spending and the housing market would be hit the hardest with General Motors getting a huge hit as well. Not trying to be a regular "downer", but I was always a big "let all the cuts expire" advocate until I looked at the highly probable consequences. And if you think Repubs would respond to pressure from an economic downturn, you must have missed the credit downgrade. Just my two cents.


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