Friday, June 29

Ep 134 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Good show, guys. The big take-aways continue to be:
    1) demand evidence when the rubes make their declamations (this one works really well)
    2) remember that you're not trying to change a rube's mind - you're trying to get some help to other people who think and believe just like you (people're always lurking - hoping to hear something they can use to rebut some other rube's bullshit).

    Keep doin' good.

  2. First time listener. This is a great show! Keep up the great work.

  3. Nice name-calling. We're all racist brownshirts, too. I try to listen to liberals and leftists at least once in a while, and that's what it comes down to -- those of us who feel that liberty does not come from government, but should merely be protected BY government are told what low-end, stupid "rubes" we are. Your podcast calls me a racist. Hard to be convinced YOUR hearts are in the right place when that's the level of discourse.


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