Friday, June 8

I'm a finalist! winner!

My Breitbart photoshop is a finalist for the TBogg contest.  (Entry Number 5).  If you're registered over at FDL, head on over and vote for your favorite.  Thanks to TBogg and all of you.
I'm a co-winner! The other winner, BreitBartCatCopter is definitely worth a look.


  1. Breitboobs singing Crash of the Valkyrie ! Good luck, 'Gal!

  2. I'm going to vote for your entry, once I get an fdl account confirmed. I think yours is the best one to show up now and then as a lead-in to a story. It could be cropped to just the headshot and be nicely evocative. :)

    Had to do another since my submitted one didn't make the cut :)

  3. The lovely lady's a winner! Breithilda will never live down the humiliation.

    Many congratulations. I'm darn glad you're on the side of Truth, Justice, and the (Real) American Way.

  4. High art beats classic cinema!

    As Dogbert said when he tried to ban opera, "We can't let children think it's okay to dress up like Vikings and holler at each other."


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