Friday, June 22

My Losing Entry in the New Yorker Cover Competition

It's a very nice tumblr blog over at "Blown Covers," inviting artists to contribute New Yorker covers on a theme. This week's theme was "Fashion" for a Fall, 2012 cover and here is my entry:

One of the really nice things about having your own little gallery on the internet is, you can hang your work yourself.   So although this was not one of the finalists, maybe because the original photograph is copyright Avedon, or perhaps they don't want politics on the cover in the fall of an election year, (not), it didn't go to waste.   (They do ask you to keep entries confidential so I did until the finalists were listed).  I'll probably enter future contests as I love New Yorker covers.

Podcast is later today, we recorded this morning.  xo

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  1. I love the Converse hi-tops! Avedon is a God. You could do far worse than to riff on any of his photos (I'm partial to Nastassja Kinski and the snake, because I remember that issue coming out shortly after I had held a friend's python and been amazed at how un-freaked-out I was, considering the thing was bigger than I--well, longer than I am tall--and could've attempted to make a meal out of me if it were so inclined.)

    Lovely work as always, BG.


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