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The Hi-Bear-Nation Read-Along and What I'm Reading in 2021 #BookHiBearNation

Banned books boxers via Out of Print

Joining a read-a-long via SavidgeReads.  And may I say, one good thing about 2020 was discovering a number of terrific bookish YouTube Channels.  (Hashtag BookTube?  I'm all for it.)

Read-Along runs from Friday 22nd - Sunday 31st of January 2021   [Ha.  Reading these books is going to take me all year, but it was fun putting this list together based on the prompts.]

Winter Book HiBearNation Prompts 

Basic Bear Prompts (and Blue Gal's personal selections)  

A book with an alliterative title.  

I'm currently reading Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz and I will still be reading it in twelve days.  It's got a full-on mystery book (the book that is a CLUE to a woman's disappearance) inserted in the middle of this mystery book.  Hefty!  


A book with an icy blue cover (or part of its cover) 

A book with a feather on the cover.   I noticed my adult stepdaughter's Instagram showed she was reading Hamnet so I started it -- hard to read because in it, children die of the plague.  They are kids in Shakespeare's immediate family, but STILL.  But the book is beautifully written so I will persist.  PS the British edition of this book does NOT have a feather on the cover, but that edition was SavidgeReads Favorite Novel of 2020.  

A backlist book of an author you’ve read before and want to go back to   (I've read Bel Canto.)  

OR read an author you’ve never read before.  This is a first novel:

Daddy Bear Prompts 

Read Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield (covers all the basic prompts)  Yes it even covers, for me, the "author you've read before" as I just finished her Once Upon a River.

Read a book with winter/snow/ice in the title.   (Highly recommend Winter's Tale by Mark Helperin)(Not Halperin)

 Read a wintery poem.   Perhaps one of these.  

Not meeting the prompts but on my list, and both by women of color:  Such a Fun Age by Kiely Reid and The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett.   


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