Tuesday, January 12

Work (Chop Wood, Carry Water)


Before elections, chop wood, carry water.
After elections, chop wood, carry water. 

And after attempted coups?  Get to work.  

Monday was "Plough Day" in England, a traditional commemoration of the first Monday after the Twelve Days of Christmas, when everyone was expected to be back at work.  

"Hands on the plow," forgive the American spelling, is a good metaphor for keeping at work.  

It's a very tough period for us these days.  Of course I want Trump gone and this, all of this, is not supposed to happen.  We're supposed to have a peaceful transition, not oust a so-called president with days to go in his term because he's that dangerous to our democracy.  

Hands on the plow.  

I'm writing postcards to voters this week for a special state house election in Alabama.  

Hands on the plow.  pen.

Writing for Crooks and Liars, as always.  

Hands on the plow.  keyboard.

  Knitting, of course.  A very pretty swatch for a planned sweater for ME.

When I'm tempted to start handwringing about what really is the explosion of the Trumpian zit, I remember, that's not hands on the plow. needles. (knit knit knit)

And on the longer-range to-do list, adopt a flippable Senate seat (or ten) for 2022.  We really need to Joe Manchin-proof our Senate majority and keep the House.  

I won't be distracted from doing the work ahead.  

And a Bible verse for the sooner-to-be former President 

Best wishes to these workers.  Chop wood!  

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