Tuesday, September 20

Blue Gal's Mailbag


Time to check the Blue Gal mailbag:

Sp3ccylad (which is pronounced specky-lad), sent a brief hello and said,

"OK - I'm rehearsing for a show tonight so this has to be a quickie (ahem)."

Break a leg, Sp3ccylad, but just remember: quickies with Blue Gal are always longer than you plan for and shorter than you wish.

Which brings her to ariadneslabyrinth, who asks,

"Now that you're big and famous, can I have Olbermann and the faf?"

Well, first of all, what's with the "big" comment? Blue Gal is much thinner on the internet.

Second of all, no. Well, mebbe we can share Olbermann. He looks like he could use a little two on one. But Faf? Faf and Blue Gal have a very special relationship, based on mutual respect, The Salvation Army, and sweetened condensed milk. It just wouldn't be, well, kosher to share The Happy Pizza.

Finally, John Kerry wrote to ask,

"Please take a moment right now to read the entire speech."

John, honey, Blue Gal really loves ya, but she doesn't have time in her next life to read the entire speech. Sheesh...


  1. A quickie with Blue Gal?

    I don't think so. I reckon the conversation alone should take several hours! Hehehehe. . . .

    "longer than you plan for and shorter than you wish". Love it.

    Neil x

  2. Neil x--a man who "gets it."

    Blue Gal


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