Monday, September 26

This is Banned Books Week


Today is the start of Banned Books Week. Blue Gal figgers most of her readers are literate free speecher types, so no preachin' to the choir. Kudos to Alibris and Tattered Cover, who feature banned books this week. Where are you, Amazon? Hellooo?

Blue Gal would like to ask her readers this week to go out and get a library card if they don't have one already. If you have a library card, go visit your library. Libraries are really nice. We don't go there often enough, ya know.

And Blue Gal loves this afterthought from today's Borowitz Report:

Elsewhere, recovering from aneurism surgery on his knees, Vice President Dick Cheney said that repair work on his knees would be done by the Halliburton Company at a cost of 12.8 billion dollars.

Today's "Don't Sugarcoat It" award goes to The Sappho Manifesto for this inspirational image.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I'll return the favor!--The Sappho Manifesto


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