Friday, September 16

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Word is out that Hillary Clinton will be phoning liberal bloggers sometime in the near future, ya know, to find out from the people how to run her successful campaign. Blue Gal imagines this will be much like her "listening tour" of New York when she came in as a carpetbagger.

Speaking of carpetbaggers, William Weld, who gets the "Republicans Blue Gal Loves" medal because he's written more books than Dubya has read (ever), he stood up against the Clinton impeachment, and oh, you know, the intelligence thing, is simply too tall to be Governor of New York. Blue Gal has been book shopping with Mr. Weld, and she oughta know.

Miiiz Clinton hasn't called Blue Gal yet, but when she does, BG will have just one respectful, deferential question for the former First Lady:

How will the Democratic Party ever survive the fact that people hate you?

Go 'head, click on the word of your choice. Or you can Google "please don't run" and "Hillary" and get, aw, a couple hundred hits in 0.67 seconds.


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Another good question is: how will the democratic party survive having a finance chairwoman (Maureen White) who has come out in support of incumbent Repubublican Bloomberg in the NYC mayoral race. WTF?

  2. My husband (the pseudointellectual jerk - sometimes) thinks that Hillary would make a fine president. I just look at him and ask (myself 'cuz he won't listen) what makes an opportunistic biatch in the white house any different from what we have now? (other than sex organs) Insofar as Weld -if he gets bored with bein' President like he got bored with bein' governor, what's he going to do, resign again?


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