Friday, September 2

Oh God.


Debating in the blogosphere today about whether God sent Katrina to punish Nawlins for being so naughty.

Blue Gal does not care about such theological shenanigans. Why not consult with the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Oh, but Blue Gal longs for the days gone by when we could just ask Bob.

OH, HECK. Blue Gal is forgetting her theological training again. Sorry. Rain falls on the just and the unjust, folks, whether it destroys a house or ends a drought. God was not in the wind, HE IS in the "still small voice." Yes, the one that's telling you to donate to the Red Cross.

Yet "Bring It On", the newest site on the Blue Gal Sidebar, makes for a pretty scary case that Katrina targeted Blue counties over Red. That oughta make those "Christian" right wingers happy.

Click on the image to order it as a t-shirt and other stuff. Blue Gal does not profit from these sales, she just steals their pictures for her blog.

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