Friday, June 24

Eric Cantor Proves He's A Good Republican...

Deficit hypocrisy is an easy segueway from his previous stimulus hypocrisy, the end.


  1. He kinda looks like the whore he is.

  2. Gasp! Fugging brilliant..

  3. No taxes for the rich & big oil for Eric's "base".
    Why he's so mad he huffed & puffed & walked right out.
    Jon Kyl followed because he might otherwise have to think or say something???

    the Dems need to learn how to put this in the spotlight. Make it the damned headline item.

    Republicans insist on giving Big Oil tax breaks.

    Because who is not pissed off @ the pump these days??? (other than big oil profiteers??)

    Come on-- don't just infight.... make Cantor & Kyl explain themselves.


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