Wednesday, June 8


It turns out I really can't skip my own fundraiser, asking my readers to give five bucks. I'm so grateful for your (please keep it modest in these tough times) support of my writing and broadcasting.

A fan on twitter pointed out that I don't post regularly, and that he liked my solo work. Thanks! But I'm also the person keeping Mike's Blog Round Up staffed, Crooks and Liars open thread done, and The Professional Left Podcast sounding good. More people follow me on twitter than read what I write here, by a factor of four. Thank you for being here.

I feel like Donald Sutherland lecturing about Milton. I finally just throw up my hands -- "this blogging queen thing is MY JOB!" And it is....and I really love it.

And I'm for a while longer a single mother. Of three dynamic children. Who need food and clothes and so forth. They're gone for part of the summer -- I think I may be painting the interior of The Castle during that time. Wish me luck!

I'll never forget the fellow single mom who wrote on her five-dollar contribution, "pay your bills." She gets it.

Thank you.

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