Wednesday, June 15

We're at Netroots Nation!

The good news:  We're here! 

The not-good news:  My laptop was damaged in transit.  DG says he can fix it after the weekend, for now we're sharing his. 

We've found a solution for the podcast, to use a digital recording device Driftglass brought with him. 

Because I probably won't be tweeting my whereabouts on an hourly basis, be aware that I'll be volunteering at the Democracy for America booth from around 2 pm until 4 pm Thursday, June 16.   Stop by and say hello! 

And Driftglass and I HAVE A BABYSITTER so we can attend the opening activities and Russ Feingold speech Thursday night. 

I'll be posting pictures as I can this weekend, too. 


  1. That guy must be handy to have around at times.

    Seeings how the both of you are too busy to drop by my little corner of the web, I would like to tell you that I am also getting married, this August.

    I am so happy for the both of you, yer good people and I am glad that good things can happen to good people.



  2. I know you're enjoying yourselves and doing your bit for our freedom.

    Hope you have a wonderful getaway and meet the greatest people in the world (who are bound to be there.)

    Give peace (and good works) a chance!


  3. you kids have fun!! Take come vitamin C!! Oregano oil caps and D!! and a babysitter is imperative! as someone who made it 17 years with hardly ever having the cash for one, I know!!

    I dont know about the politics thing...seems like its very far from what I saw last time I was with that crowd.
    does it seem like there is any hope?
    Here in the ashes of weiner's weiner it occurs to me that we are workign with such narcissism that we may have to rely on the narcissism of the other side so as not to fall. Just seeing Dean's smile reminds me that it takes so little to remove those that the power doesnt like...and anyone who speaks truth to the power is in the cross hairs...ugh!
    Stay healthy! represent!
    congrats to Busted Knuckles too!!
    wow!! it in the clown syrup or something??
    Id better re-open the chicken/political blog again....


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