Wednesday, June 8

Look who's showing off the Tea Party 3000!

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Based on a comment from Susie Bright, that Palin/Bachmann is not a step forward for women in politics -- they are simply filling the corporate spokesmodel/PR job that is always given to girls.

And h/t to Kevin on Twitter, who said, "I could just see Mrs. Palin using a DeLorean to travel back in time, personally witness Paul Revere's ride, and STILL get it wrong."


  1. I don't think Palin will actually run for president. It turns out that embezzling campaign contributions is a lot harder than it looks. Those FEC guys watch you like a hawk.

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Yay! Great blog, I love how you can stumble into blogs by reading someone else's list!

  3. A Delorean is not trailer trashy enough for the "half wit-governor"®. She should be standing next to a rusted out, faded '73 F-150 with the requisite rifle rack in the rear window. And the rebel "heritage" flag needs to be waving proudly from a wire hanger antenna.


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