Friday, June 10

NEVER gets old.

I never thought this video, which I made a couple years ago, would have ANY legs.

Hey you guys know what I look like. If you see me with a really REALLY tall guy at Netroots, COME UP AND SAY HI.

And thanks for being a fabulous patron of the blog arts with a five dollar contribution to my fundraiser. If you were with me face to face, you would generously hand me a five dollar bill, and say thanks, right? You still can.

PS. Sad news: Driftglass had to put his stepdad in hospice this week. We'll still make it to Netroots, but family needs mean I'm driving the Springfield to Chicago part of the trip without him. The kids are great travelers, and are already packing their art supplies and books for the car trip. Gotta love it.

Podcast up later today.

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