Monday, September 12

Where to cut some slack, and where not to...

These are not Blue Gal's children. She stole the photo from the internet.

Dear Children of the Liberal Blogosphere,

Blue Gal, your very own self-appointed mother, asks that you please calm down about George Will. Yes, yes, over seventeen hundred of you have linked to Hullabaloo because of his elegant use of the f word. But Mommy wants you to switch to inside voices, now.

Blue Gal's mother, who is not such an authority except she seems to know Everything about Everybody, says George Will has a child with Down Syndrome. Those of us who have either lost a child, have a child with a disability, or spent thousands to conceive a child, have very little patience with "those who get pregnant by accident when they can't afford a child in the first place." Blue Gal speaks from her own experience.

Yes, George Will is one of The Enemy, and there is hypocrisy here, he is not advocating free abortions for black women, naturally. He's actually not saying anything Bill Cosby hasn't said before him. But still, Blue Gal will cut Mr. Will some slack, say a prayer for disabled children everywhere, and bow her head in gratitude that she has three happy children, one with "special needs" who nevertheless aced his math test Friday.

Mr. Will, now that I've cut you this slack, I'd like to put you in a room with say, oh, eight or nine single black women, well-educated and childless. They did what you said. Finished high school and delayed child bearing and marriage. They even went to college. Talk to them, Mr. Will. Ask them their opinion about the availability of eligible black men. They are your poster women, Mr. Will. Ask them. Heck, ask one. Isn't Condi in your Rolodex?

Blue Gal would appreciate a little more demography to our arguments, children. In 1986 Robert MacNeil did a very nice job with The Story of English, and in it he explored the expansion of English dialects along socioeconomic lines, particularly as it related to dialects being formed when a man with one dialect married a woman with another. The mish mash meant the children spoke a new way, see? But Robert MacNeil threw away the most important line in the whole show as a voiceover: couples throughout history have generally not married until they can afford a house. Economic opportunity is a snake biting its own tail: marriages in the underclass will not occur until they can afford housing, and out of wedlock births keep many in poverty. It's called a "vicious cycle" for a reason.

Blue Gal thinks that's why there are so many older men, over fifty, who now have very young children running around. Thank goodness we don't need a visual of Rod Stewart to prove it. Blue Gal herself is raising children with a man who just got his first Social Security check. Why would bodacious babes like Blue Gal reproduce with an old man? Could his having a house have something to do with it? Don't get me wrong, Blue Gal loves her daddy, I mean, old man, I mean, hottie hunk. There we go.

For those of you addicted to the statistics thing, check this out.

Adults without a high school education are less likely to report having had an abortion than those with at least some college or more. Among females who have ever had a pregnancy, 15 percent of those without a high school education had had an abortion compared to 26 percent of college graduates.

This proves beyond any doubt that one of the best ways to reduce the number of abortions in America is to stop damn women from going to college! Giblets would approve! What about Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, and company?

Or we could work on affordable housing and fair lending practices...naaaah.

Blue Gal thinks George Will wants women to go to college. George Will looks like he thinks intelligence is an aphrodisiac. Frankly, though they are on opposite ends of the political bed, Blue Gal would have his baby anytime.

For those of you who do not want to cut any slack, give a lissen to "George Bush don't like black people." This plump white housewife is jammin to this groooove!

George Bush don't like black people. (mp3)

Five damn days, five long days
And at the end of the fifth he walkin' in like "...Hey!"
Chillin' on his vacation, sittin patiently
Them black folks gotta hope, gotta wait and see...

He said, "I know it looks bad. Just have to wait."
Forgetting folks were too broke to evacuate
Niggas starving and they're dying of thirst.
I bet he had to go and check on them refineries first.

Making a killing off the price of gas.
He would have been up to Connecticut twice as fast
After all that we been through, nothing's changed
You can call Red Cross, but the fact remains that

George Bush ain't a gold digger,
but he ain't fuckin' with no broke niggas

Thanx to Temple of Me for the lyrics...


  1. As far as I can tell, George Bush don't like Americans, period. It ain't just black Americans that he hates, he hates them white crackers in Jefferson Parish too (you heard about FEMA stealing their emergency assistance and cutting their emergency communications, right?). Only thing he seems to like is looting the treasury for the benefit of his cronies.

    - Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


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