Tuesday, March 28

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for March 28

"Don't eat that, you don't know where it's been!"

The most recent Don't Sugarcoat It award goes to the all-too-appropriately named Sandy Underpants at the Aristocrats, for this lovely post that explains with great aplomb the Justice Department's legal justification for their domestic spying program. Do read the whole post (and bookmark the site for future funny) but you could sum it up in the following nine words:

"Whatever the fuck we want to do is legal."

Eat my candy panties, Alberto.

And thanks, Sandy Underpants and Aristocrats. You're winners.

[PS. If you want a longer, more serious approach to just how far the fascists are taking things, you can do no better than this post by W. David Stephenson. Bush hasn't cast a veto, ever, because he doesn't think he has to obey anything he signs, as long as he accompanies it with a "signing statement" which says just how he interprets the law he is signing. Patrick Leahy is all over this. Scary stuff.]


  1. Eat my candy panties, Alberto.

    Surely you don't mean this. Eat my dingleberries, maybe. But who wouldn't want to eat your candy panties, Blue Gal?

    BTW, it's high time we all start making panties and Blue Gal synonymous.

  2. Hey, Blue Gal... Thanks for the link to The Aristocrats. I like their dialogue with the cabinet members and various characters. Good stuff. Thank you.

  3. Dancing right around those panties, aren't you, pm? Doug honey, I plan to serve those panties to the AG on a plate. Otherwise? Ewwww. Hey, I make sure my OB/GYN is a goddamn Democrat. Ain't NO Republican gonna be allowed down there no way no how.

  4. Sandy sure has a knack for unvarnishing, doesn't he? As for those panties, do you have anything in chocolate?

  5. do you have anything in chocolate?

    How about in caramel? Didn't the "edible-undies industrial complex" used to make these things in Wrapples and fruit roll-ups?

  6. Man, are you guys picky. What about pesto panties, Douglas? (no fish/anchovy jokes, please). And I'm still looking for a version for my diabetic friends. Glad to see ya, Mark. Wasn't sure the Aristrocrats were in town, or what.

  7. Oooh goody. Are we taking orders? I'll have a string of pretzels, please, or perhaps a variety of pickles like you get at a Korean restaurant. And I love little dried anchovies, but I can't think how you would string 'em.

    Contest at my place, btw.

  8. False pretenses, Doug! I thought you were gonna do an invent the tastiest edible panties contest, and here it's some post a medical post contest. No fair!

  9. I'm honored Blue Gal. All awards should include candy panties: and the Oscar and Lauren Bacall's candy panties go to ....

  10. I don't want to know where you're finding these images.

    Thanks for the get well message. I'm back. Sort of.

  11. "Dancing right around those panties, aren't you, pm?"

    I've always found panties (underwear in general) to be rather ineffective.

    I am a Panthiest! :>)

    O! Panties! Why must you taunt me with your game of hide and seek?

  12. As much as I love Lauren Bacall -- and I do -- I'm pretty certain I don't want to eat an 81-year-old lady's panties.

  13. Poetry, you and Mr. Blue Gal can form a club. Seriously. Lingerie? What's the point in wrapping the good stuff?

  14. Everyone's entitled to their own fetish, or fetishes, I guess. Personally I'm a boobs lover, but Blue Gal's edible panties are enticing me. As soon as it's warm enough to open my pool I may ask her and Loretta Nall both to come down for a swim, with or without panties.

  15. I used to love those candy necklaces when I was a kid! But now I can't ever see them the same again.


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