Wednesday, April 30

Still another reason to leave Alabama...

No. Seriously. A Hello Kitty vanity plate parked in the lot of Whole Foods, and she had on the same exact car a Code Pink Ribbon? You can't mix Code Pink and Hello Kitty. Can you?

Next thing you know, someone will be marketing Hello Kitty/Strawberry Shortcake/Care Bear underbust corsets for the into-infantilism sex worker. Oh, nevermind.


  1. I SWEAR! It wasn't me in the parking lot. Unless ...
    Was there a "Back Off - I'm Knitting" bumper sticker, too?

  2. 'Sweet home Alabamer, where the sky's always blue, and Hello Kitty's true'


  3. "You can't mix Code Pink and Hello Kitty. Can you?"

    You bet your ass you can. What's peace w/o a sense of humor?

  4. She also had a hello kitty window sticker and hello kitty dashboard ornament. And thus her hello kitty license plate lacked irony, QD.

    If it was meant as a funny, well, yeah.

  5. Run, Blue Gal, Run.

    I must add, that when I first heard about the whole Hello Kitty phenomenon I thought it was a line of sex toys. Who knew?

  6. Anonymous10:13 PM

    When you do a video wearing one of those My Little Pony corsets, let me know. An intertoobz first.

  7. but was she wearing a flag pin?

    jus kiddin'......

    ( I heard that they do things different down there...)

  8. The best vanity plate I ever saw was in L.A. It said: IV Q II and was on Rolls limo.

  9. holly cremora!! unless i miss my guess, i went to high school with that young woman.


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