Friday, February 12

Feel old yet?

Somebody at YouTube (I know.) said, "what can I say, I wish bands still sounded like this." Wha? I'm thinking this is still like, fresh airplay, old fart that I am...

And then I came across this in the CHILDREN'S SECTION of my local big box bookstore. Ugh.

Oh Penguin Young Readers Division! Did you include chapters for young readers on "The Maharishi takes The Fab Four for a ride," "Magical Mystery Tour - alluva sudden, their shit doesn't smell like rose petals!" and of course, "Yoko breaks up the band!"

And besides, Penguin Young Readers Division, you tempt my photoshop fingers so! And yeah, our grandchildren are fraking doomed.

[We've recorded the "Sarah Palin is Porn" podcast. I hope to have it edited and posted by midnight tonight. Watch this space.]


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