Wednesday, February 3

Presenting the CPAC Blogger's Lounge! (photoshop)

(And yeah, you'll probably have to click here for larger.)

CPAC Bloggers' Lounge** is sponsored by Red State this year. In my fantasized version, The great Satan R. Reagan chokes David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan while right wing bloggers, egged on by Satan's helper Bill Kristol, look on.

**AKA Dante's 8th circle of Hell, home to those guilty of "fraudulent rhetoric". Original image here.


  1. Worth the extra click to super-size it. :)

  2. An exceptionally fine rendering, my dear.

    I had difficulty (almost) telling it from the original, except that yours was scarier.

    Dante is bowing.

    Rock on!


  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Typical left wing-nut hate. Thank you for even more polarization.


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