Wednesday, February 3

Happy #Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Look up, link down, celebrate the small blogs!

My list is not comprehensive, but these folks have linked ME recently, so I'm returning the favor:

The Phydeaux Speaks Experience

After the Bridge

Upper Left

And the totally not safe for work gay porn blog Bill in Exile, who gave the podcast major props in this post, but if you click on that link and glance at his sidebar your eyes will also see naked man parts. You've been warned.

Also a big thank you to Crooks and Liars, especially Mike, who does this sort of linky love to smaller blogs every single day.


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I went looking for the naked man parts as a feature. Thanks.

  2. good stuff Blue, you are the best of the Linketeers, you are Annette Linkicello. as the man before his time, Art Linkgiver once said, "to link is to join, like a pretzel or something, no wait two pretzels that's right, no wait."

  3. cool- and i'm a big fan of naked man parts!!!


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