Sunday, February 19

Actually, Mike Huckabee, we're all feminists now.

Keep it up, Rick.    You are actually doing us all a great favor.

The latest in his war on families making informed choices regarding family composition is his objection to amniocentesis.   No, really.

He's saying that when a woman is aware that she is carrying a Down's syndrome child, that information ENCOURAGES her to seek an abortion.  Well, he's right about that.  92% of couples who discover their child has Down's do make that decision in the privacy of their doctor's office.  

Rick Santorum thinks it's better we should be uninformed, because then we all have the opportunity to be Sarah Palin and bring our mentally retarded, Down's Syndrome embryo to term.  Then we can all get seven million dollar book deals to afford the care for that child for the rest of his life, and pray that seven million dollars WILL BE ENOUGH.   

Or maybe we can just ride airplanes from Texas to Alaska while leaking amniotic fluid.  That's a good choice, too.  It might bring about God's will for us without having to make a moral decision that would lose us the Republican Base.  Or it might not.

It's another war on couples making a choice on how they want their families to function.  Again,  92% of families who find out their unborn child has Down's syndrome, choose to abort.  A LOT of those women already have kids and know how hard parenthood is with a child who does NOT have medical needs.   Prenatal testing checks for all kinds of abnormalities that will affect the delivery of a healthy child when the parents decide to have the baby.  It's a medically accepted practice and Santorum is being ridiculous using this as a wedge issue against Obama.  Also, he's going to lose, and women are having their consciousness raised way beyond what the right wing should want, ever.

Pair all of this up with Santorum's statement that moms should just not buy an iPad if they want to afford their child's medications.   He is anti-family, the end.

Milking someone else's personal tragedy and incredibly difficult choices for political gain, financial reward,  or eternal salvation will fail in the end, Rick.  Be warned.  


  1. Sorry for my ignorance but there must be a lot of medical conditions that an amnio will reveal that can be treated. By banning amnio it will keep these conditions from being treated.
    By that logic, a man should not marry a woman until she has had a child to prove that she is fertile, because of course that is the only reason to marry.

  2. I've dubbed him "Sanctimonious Santorum".

    The GOP definition of "less government" = stripping access to women's healthcare.

    Loved your snark about how to finance special needs medical care.

  3. Great post, Blue Gal!

    To think that this holier-than-thou, judgemental, hypocritical, chinless creep Rick Santorum, is actually under consideration by the Republican Party for the Presidency of the United States is further evidence (if any were needed) that the Republican Party has gone completely insane and if it were an animal, the humane response would be to put it down, out of its misery. As it is, media goes its merry way, treating the Republican Party as if it were perfectly normal, nothing wrong at all, and the Republican Party goes on its own crazy way, insisting on policies that will destroy American democracy and freedom as surely as any foreign army could ever do. But noooooo story here! Move along!
    Santorum will judge for all of us, he knows what's best. Just ask him. Makes me sick enough to puke. What kind of creeps raised this person?
    Let's always keep the true definition of the word SANTORUM in mind:
    Pronunciation: san-TOR-um
    Function: noun
    Savage Love - 05/29/03
    1. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.
    2. Former Senator Rick Santorum

  4. 3. Both of the above.

    And yes, 'Gal, he's doing this country a favor by opening [our] eyes to the depth of GOP depravity. Santorum is the definitive example of what Christian Fundamentalism looks like, and why it's not a whit better than any other brand of fundamentalism.

    Perhaps a compilation of his un-Christian ass-hattery would make a compelling Blog Against Theocracy!


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