Thursday, February 16


Santorum's sugar daddy billionaire funder has suggested "aspirin between the knees" as a "cheap" contraceptive. 

An aspirin-sized brain and a big mouth is no way to go through life, asshole.   Also, your taxes are too low by about a billion percent.  


  1. BG, I was home all day today (sick kid), so I got to see this fossilized sphincter say that live. I think I sent three or four (at least) rapid-fire tweets begging Andrea Mitchell to cut his mic! Which in turn led to some Rethug creep telling me I was anti-freedom, who was I working for--Pravda?, etc. etc. until I blocked him (yeah, assholes have the right to say whatever assholish rubbish they want, and Andrea has the right to cut them off so as not to raise her blood pressure and that of her audience with that kind of baldfaced misogyny).

    However, Twitter was a thoroughly enjoyable place to hang out on a sick day, given the hashtag hijinks that promptly ensued. Hard to pick a favorite, but I will, just because:

    By another Tweeter: AWESOME-->RT @KagroX She holds the aspirin between her knees, or else it's sex with Foster Friess. #silenceofthelambs

    By Yours Truly: Don' worry, Manny. Another aspirin, she gonna love me again. #FosterFriessAsTonyMontana

  2. One point besides the obvious WTF one – Foster Friess starts with a conservative standby. Rick Santorum is a far-right theocrat who wants to outlaw contraception, an extremist position with no basis whatsoever in medical science that's also an outrageous violation of the Establishment Clause. But if anyone objects, suddenly, they're preoccupied with sex.

    So – we're trying to screw you and everybody else in America except our merry little boys' club of conservative assholes, but why are you making such a fuss about it all? If you'd just capitulate, everything would be fine! (This is the argument of essentially every Ross Douthat column, although he adds much more whining, plus crappy, illogical writing.)

    Then FF moves to:

    Wimmin are sluts! If they weren't, we wouldn't need to pay for birth control!

    Also, even though I'm speaking for Santorum, I don't know his views – or will pretend I don't! (Even though I share his social dinosaur, inquisition values!)

    So, in other words, Friess has argued that Santorum's views aren't important, and then goes on to directly espouses them as the solution to this issue – thereby demonstrating exactly why we should care very much about Santorum's antediluvian views, and demolishing Friess' entire purpose for appearing on the show in the first place.

  3. Huge WTF moment.... next on the agenda Repealing Women's Right to Vote, and Burning at the stake.

  4. CEASE YOUR PRATTLING! A man! A MAN! IS TALKING! and not any man but a member of the Plutocracy! A scion of Patriarchy! He knows best!


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