Friday, February 10

Ep 114 The Professional Left Podcast

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The Final Edition (Satire):  "Roger Ailes: 'Fuck It, I'll Just Be President Myself'"

Obama-Bush meet re automaker bailout, 2008

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

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  1. JC Penney's in trouble. They're simultaneously doing a store makeover while switching to "everyday low pricing". With the exception of scouting uniforms, their customers aren't dying to go shopping, they're just dying of old age.

    I'm not sure Penney didn't hire One Million Moms (deniably, of course) to make this stink. If they did, it would have been a sound business decision.

    BTW, Welcome to the Culture War was one of the best things I've read this year. Thanks much.


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