Tuesday, February 28

Breaking for a yarn post

I've been doing a lot of knitting since the new year, and today I un-procrastinated, and kool-aid dyed two lovely skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool sent to me by a very generous blog reader.

I didn't like the blue lemonade, so I added the strawberry for a mauve result.  The blue lemonade was too light, and the lemon aspect of it probably compromised the depth of color.  Will probably resort to acid dyes for real blue yarn in the future, though I have no intention of ever knitting a Tardis garment, ever.  Never.    

This was very fun and I recommend it as a non-toxic activity for kids.  Middle child enjoyed it.  As the yarn soaks in the Kool-Aid solution the water turns clear as if by magic.  It must be wool or other protein fiber to work.  

Under the Desk has very thorough directions.  There are also several YouTubes of the process out there.  


  1. One of my bloggy friends has a sister who has combined computer analysis with knitting. You can see some of her work, and links to more info, here.

  2. FWIW I like the mellower color of the first mauve batch. Strawberry is hurting my eyes!

  3. Tardis garments are the epitome of panache. It is unconscionable to disparage them in any way.


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