Wednesday, February 22

Why does Rush Limbaugh feel the need... insert himself into the birth control debate?

It's Politico, promoting discussion of their own story, but still:

The conservative radio host was prompted by a recent POLITICO story headlined, “2012: The year of ‘birth control moms’?” which examined whether the issue of contraception will have women voters swinging left to back President Barack Obama’s reelection bid.
Limbaugh argued that Democrats are accusing Republicans — presidential candidate Rick Santorum in particular — of wanting to ban birth control in an effort to turn voters against the GOP. ... “This is a totally manufactured issue.”  He added, “They do not have the economy, they do not have one thing in Obama’s record they can point to and say, ‘You want four more years of this? Vote for us!’ So they have to gin something up, and they have done it here. And so now they’re going drum up this ‘birth control moms’? Isn’t that kind of contradictory? A birth control mom? How do you become a mom if you’re into birth control?”
Rush, the people who pay your ginormous salary overestimate your worth and your political acumen.  A smarter man would know when to totally, utterly, shut the fuck up. 

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  1. I drop the F-bomb at least as much as you two, but I don't like it when my President is portrayed as saying it. Other than that, thumbs up.

  2. Oh, come on! How can there possibly be a bigger natural birth control method than the thought of Rush Limbaugh naked?

  3. There's a warm breeze in here! OH, no, it's Rush Lumbar, he has his mouth opened again!

  4. Memo to Rush: Get A Clue!

    Using averages, females are fertile for approx 39 years of their lives.
    (age 12 to age 51)

    Limbaugh has been married four times and has no children.
    So is Rush a "birth control non-Dad" or is he sterile, or
    has he just abstained???

    Whatever methods they used, we should be glad there are no Rush spawn on this planet.

  5. Rush marries for appearances.
    He gets his jollies with Dominican pool boys.

  6. The people who pay for Rush's radio show don't care a flying fedorkah about his acumen. They care about his popularity. Politics? Sure. But for the vast majority of people like that, money and power are the end. Politics are a means. That's why Glenn Beck got fired.

    For those on the right, it's his influence that matters. There's good reason why dittoheads are called that. Remember when the Newt had him on stage to give him an award for being the one most responsible for making the "Contract with America" happen?

    Think Jabba. Disgustingly fat, gross, slobbery, lecherous (whether for women or pool boys — remember the reason for his draft deferment) … but still dangerous.


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