Thursday, February 9

Visiting "The Final Edition" Today

I've always thought that if I had a million dollars I'd like to get my freak bloggers together and buy the "SPY Magazine" name and put something big online.  It turns out some SPY people are now doing The Final Edition and were kind enough to accept my submission for its lead story today.

As I wrote back and forth to the editor, I brought up the subject of payment.

"I assume I'll be paid in the universal currency of blogging known as Arianna dollars?"

And it was so. 

I understand if you get a million of those greenbacks, Ms. Huffington her own self will bring you ziploc-bagged leftovers from her Davos buffet.  

Note:  The Final Edition is not affiliated with Huffpo, obv.


  1. That is brilliant... Arianna dollars. They are like thin air, buying all the nothing in the world. Great job on the piece over there, as always.

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I saw a dog walker today who seemed to have a whole bunch of Arianna's leftovers!


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