Thursday, February 22

Heeding the Call

"...Democrats don’t have the same sort of culture that breeds party discipline.”  - "Norm" Ornstein, quoted at The Hill, 2/21/07.

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  1. True. Those folks in the Democrat Party should dfinitely polish up those jackboots, fire up the electronic cattle prods, and whip those little robots into line. It's worked so well for the Rethugs.

  2. all they have to do is the same as the nazis did, which is pretty much the same playbook the far right republicans and rove used. then we can either flee the country or go to a tanning booth so we look fabulous in orange. geeeezzzz ; )

  3. I will not be bullied.

    Let the Re-thugricans take note.

    I am a Democrat, I am outraged, and I will not be silenced.

  4. correct me if i am wrong- but i think it's called the capacity for independent and abstract thought. it is the ability to think and speak for oneself without being given talking points or rhetoric to spew in order to brainwash the masses. oh- i guess that does put a damper on the storm trooperesque discipline for the democratIC party.

  5. "cross posted everywhere except kos"


  6. Love the kos jab. We've been having a conversation on kos and "big blogs" at All Things Democrat. Ralph spells out the issues in Big Blogs as High School.


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